Tesla may build batteries in Texas, not just the Cybertruck

Tesla batteries? It doesn’t sound impossible.


Tesla is headed to Texas and we learned this year the automaker chose Austin to build the Cybertruck, Semi and Model Y at this upcoming Gigafactory. What we didn’t know is the automaker’s intent to produce battery cells in Austin as well. According to a report from the Austin Business Journal on Wednesday, Tesla applied to also assemble batteries and cells at the Texas location.

The publication reviewed a 188-page application document Tesla filed with the state’s Commission on Environmental Quality, which the automaker submitted between July and September. Explicitly, the documents reportedly say the application is to “operate a cell-manufacturing unit to produce the battery packs that are installed in the vehicle.” 

Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment.

Tesla continues to look more closely at integrating its supply chain with the possibility of its own in-house batteries. Last month, the automaker’s Battery Day showcased some of the breakthroughs the company hopes to put into production in the next few years, such as the “Biscuit Tin” to pack more energy density into a cell. We’ve also heard rumors Tesla wants to start another cell production site in Fremont, California — its sole US production hub right now.

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All the while, Tesla said it’s committed to purchasing batteries from suppliers Panasonic, LG Chem and CATL. But, proprietary Tesla batteries don’t seem too far-fetched for the future as evidence continues to pile up.

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