The Honda E looks cute and is full of tech – Video

Today I’m reviewing in new Honda.
But it’s not this one.
The Pioneer 700.
I’m not reviewing the spookily clever Honda Miimo lawnmower either.
It works out a mowing schedule based on the weather forecast apparently.
Nor am I about to go bobbing about in a Honwave, no.
That’s not even on the deck chair.
Someone’s gone in for a start.
This is a bit like a sorta rubbish version of that pond rabbit.
The Impossible Dream isn’t here whether the 70s chap sort of goes around and does all the Formula

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Lamborghini’s Essenza SCV12 is the ultimate track toy – Video

This is the SC V12 Lamborghini’s most outrageous, most extreme track toy ever and a machine that exists to celebrate one thing, the V12.
Yes Lamborghini is screaming V 12 engines are iconic and with future generations of supercars increasingly saddled with turbochargers superchargers, or heaven forbid electric motors.
The SCV 12 is a striking CounterPoint.
Just look at the name of the car scooter.
We of course have the 12 literally race team V 12.
Of course, this isn’t just any V 12.
This is a Lamborghini 6 and a half liter love similar to what’s found

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What was the Porsche 911 going to be called? – Video

Porsche 911 has been delighting drivers for nearly six decades.
But where did this automotive icon come from?
And what does that three digit name actually mean?
Well, buckle up because there is quite a story behind this legendary Porsche.
And yes, it’s pronounced Porsche.
Do you understand how the 911 sprawling model range came to be?
We have to go back in time like way back to the days of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche.
Look at that happy guy.
I bet he was a bucket of chuckles at parties.
Okay, so Porsche the company didn’t actually start out building

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Ford Bronco reveal video hypes SUV’s style and off-road capabilities

The Ford Bronco
reveal on Monday proved to be a very big deal to a lot of people — us included — and while the COVID-19 pandemic may have delayed the Blue Oval’s planned reveal timeline (along with just about everything else), the coronavirus did do one thing that seemed to work out pretty well for you: it helped you — and the rest of the world — watch the big reveal at the same time as us media types.

In case you missed it, Ford streamed special reveal promotional videos simultaneously on ABC, ESPN, the National Geographic channel,

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