Tesla battery cells in for more juice, supplier Panasonic says

More energy could mean more juice for longer driving ranges.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Tesla and Panasonic’s relationship continues to grow, despite the fact Tesla now works with two additional cell suppliers in China, and the company plans to give the electric car-maker’s battery cells an energy boost.

The Japanese supplier told Reuters in a Thursday report it plans to increase the energy density of its “2170” cells — the ones used for the Tesla Model 3 — by 20% in the next five years. More energy density could allow Tesla to pack more of them into a battery to create

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Oklahoma loses Tesla Gigafactory bid, but it wants EV maker’s supplier base

Built in Texas, not Oklahoma as the state hoped.


When an automaker says it’s preparing to build a new factory, the competition to give the facility a home is fierce. When Tesla says it needs a place to build a new Gigafactory, the luster surrounding the company likely makes the process even more pressing.

So when Tulsa, Oklahoma found itself on the shortlist for a new Gigafactory to build the Tesla Cybertruck, Semi and Model 3 and Model Y for the east coast, the state and local government lit up.

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US accuses supplier for Amazon, Apple, Dell, GM, Microsoft of human rights abuses

Chinese tech companies are being accused of aiding their government’s human rights abuses.

Getty Images

The US Department of Commerce added 11 Chinese companies to its list of firms implicated in human rights violations, including China’s reported campaign against Muslim minority groups from an area of the country known as the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. At least one of those companies, Nanchang O-Film Tech, is listed as a supplier or undefined “partner” with nearly two dozen tech and car companies, including Amazon, Apple, Dell, GM and Microsoft.

The Commerce Department said the group of 11 companies that supported “mass arbitrary

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Tesla battery supplier says million-mile unit ready for production

Could battery swaps be a realistic thing with such a battery? The future will tell more.


We’ve heard many rumblings about a million-mile battery for Tesla cars coming, and the company that often popped up alongside such rumors has confirmed the battery’s existence.

In an interview with Bloomberg published last Sunday, Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited Chairman Zeng Yuqun said the company is ready to build the battery. Per his comments, this new battery will last 16 years and has enough energy to run for 1.24 million miles.

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