Self-driving trucks hit the road at scale with TuSimple’s new freight network

Beep beep, TuSimple making moves.


The US will be home to a world-first in the Autonomous Freight Network, designed to bring self-driving semi trucks to market in a safe manner. San Diego-based startup TuSimple is its creator, and it’s brought some heavy hitters onboard to see the project through.

TuSimple said Wednesday that UPS, Penske and US Xpress will each work with the startup to bring the project to life over three phases.  Penske Truck Leasing will handle preventative maintenance and help TuSimple scale its fleet operation, while US Xpress provides the startup with more opportunities to collect data

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Lyft says self-driving car safety will be built on trust

Education is a top priority for companies working on self-driving car technology.


Lyft on Monday published what it calls a Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment to provide insight into how the ride-sharing company approaches potentially revolutionary technology like self-driving cars. At the end of the day, Lyft says safety will only happen when riders actually trust the technology.

The company said it will work to earn trust in its future self-driving car technology even before a rider steps into a future autonomous car with pre-ride and in-app education. Riders in the future will also have support available 24/7 surrounding the technology.

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Self-driving cars likely won’t prevent every car crash, study says

Self-driving cars likely have a long, long way to go.


In a blow to hopes for a future free of car crashes with the coming of self-driving cars, a study released Thursday by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows totally driverless cars would have a difficult time achieving such a goal.

The IIHS looked at more than 5,000 police-reported crashes from the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey, which the insurance industry-funded group said represents vehicle crashes that resulted in one car towed and required emergency medical services.

Combing through the files, the IIHS then sorted the

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CVS Pharmacy prescriptions go high-tech with self-driving delivery

Nuro: Now ready to deliver prescriptions.


As we continue to sort out life in the coronavirus era, many households are making use of delivery services for things like groceriesbaby food and pet supplies. Soon, Houston residents will be able to have their CVS Pharmacy prescriptions delivered with a self-driving car performing the service.

Once again, it’s Nuro stepping in to flex its self-driving software. The startup said Thursday its partnership with CVS will allow it to test prescription deliveries in the Houston area across three ZIP codes near one particular pharmacy. Those who place prescription

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