Rolls-Royce Cullinan 1:8 scale model costs over $17,000, takes 450 hours to create

Without the hand, would you be able to tell this is just a model?


Do you own a Rolls-Royce Cullinan but feel sad because you can’t drive it too much due to coronavirus? Does your office, living room or bedroom not offer a view of your garage or driveway? Well now you’re in luck, because Rolls-Royce has unveiled a 1:8 scale model of the Cullinan for you to display in your house, and it looks so realistic it’s almost eerie.

Seriously, if it weren’t for the gloved hands in these photos, it would be nearly impossible to tell

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Good car deals scale back as industry rebounds

There were some great deals in April, but automakers are pulling back a bit this month.

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Automakers dumped their sales toolboxes in March and April to do their best to move metal amid the coronavirus pandemic, but as the industry starts to rebound (perhaps more quickly than anticipated), the good car deals with big “wow” factors are getting fewer.

Automotive News reported on incentives heading into mid-May and the deals are a little more normal than

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Nissan will scale back efforts in Europe to focus elsewhere, report says

Shifting resources will likely mean a greater focus on the US.


Nissan reportedly has big plans to turn its ship around globally, and they’ll likely include a refocus on core markets at the expense of others. In particular, Nissan will scale back its efforts in Europe big time.

Reuters reported Monday on the first details that will be included in a turnaround plan developed for Nissan. Numerous sources close to the plan spoke on its contents, but the automaker declined to comment on the reported information and told Roadshow it plans to release more information on May 28.


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Infiniti’s ‘Carigami’ lets you build a scale model with your printer

It’s not exactly advised to be tearing up the roads right now, but after a long enough period in the house, cabin fever undoubtedly begins to set in. To help mitigate the effects of being cooped up, Infiniti has whipped up some paper craft that lets car enthusiasts get a little creative.

Infiniti this week unveiled its “Carigami” paper craft, which lets people print out one of three vehicle designs and assemble it to create a three-dimensional model. These 1:27-scale recreations probably won’t stand up to serious abuse, but if you like concentration — and getting your mind off, oh,

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