2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid police truck will report for duty

The SSV package isn’t exclusively for police, but it’s on the options list.


Ford F-150 police vehicles do indeed exist already, but with the 2021 Ford F-150, the automaker will give fleet buyers an option for hybrid power.

Cars Direct first reported Wednesday on dealer order guides for the new F-150 and highlighted some of the more peculiar options on the roster. However, one interesting piece was the available “Special Service Vehicle” option. For $50, Ford will delete the center seat, install a vinyl bench seat in the rear, and add a 240-amp alternator. And while it’s available

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The old Ram 1500 will carry on for another year, report says

Even though it’s old, the Ram 1500 Classic is still a very good truck.


Full-size pickup trucks are expensive. And some folks truly want or need the size and capability of a half-ton truck without spending a ton of money. That’s why Fiat-Chrysler continues to sell the old Ram 1500 — now called the 1500 Classic — alongside the new and mproved fancy-pants model. That doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon, either.

CarsDirect reports the Ram 1500 Classic will carry on into the 2021 model year, priced from $30,140 for a Tradesman 4×2 Regular Cab model. That represents

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Carlos Ghosn’s son wired $600,000 in cryptocurrency to aid father’s escape, report says

Ghosn has vowed to aid those who helped in his flight from Japan.

Getty Images

The tale of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japan is a pretty wild story, and it would seem that it just keeps getting wilder. Case in point, officials are now saying that Ghosn’s son wired the son of ex-Army Special Forces vet Michael Taylor some $600,000 worth of cryptocurrency, according to a report published Friday by Reuters.

This would appear to be in addition to the $862,500 that Ghosn wired to Taylor’s company shortly before his escape, which — depending on the

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BMW’s i Hydrogen Next X5 will enter production in 2022, report says

This bad boy is going into limited production, no word on whether the crazy color scheme will come with it.


When BMW and Toyota announced that they’d be working together to develop the new Supra and Z4 models’ platform, people flipped out. According to a report published Friday by Automotive News, it would appear as though that partnership will bear even more fruit.

Now, I don’t mean there will be some kind of Toyota Corolla/M3 mashup. Instead, Toyota is lending BMW some of its extensive experience in hydrogen fuel cells to create the BMW i Hydrogen Next X5,

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