GM and EVgo will bring over 2,700 new fast chargers to national network

Coming to a neighborhood near you.


Automakers plan to roll out numerous new electric cars over the course of this decade, but they won’t do much good if drivers don’t have consistent access to a plug. General Motors and EVgo will diminish that exact fear.

On Friday, the automaker and charging station operator said both will buddy up to build over 2,700 new fast charging plugs across the US. The construction will take place over the next five years, but the plan will see access expand to new areas to help boost EV adoption.

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Rhode Island, Oklahoma rank worst in national road study

Providence is a nice town, but according to a recent study, its roads are anything but.

Flickr user David Friedel

America’s road infrastructure is in bad shape. It’s one of the very few things that everyone seems to agree on, but because of the massive scale of the problem and the costs involved in fixing it, not much is being done, and the problem is getting worse.

To put in perspective just how bad it’s getting, let’s take a look at a road study performed by the Federal Highway Administration and interpreted by car insurance website QuoteWizard. The study

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