Nikola issues a purchase order for $30 million in hydrogen generation equipment

Nikola wants to get America on-board the hydrogen train and it’s starting with five heavy-duty filling stations.


The main problem with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is the spotty availability of not only the stations but also of the hydrogen itself. Electric semi company Nikola wants to fix that and has taken a big step in creating a new, more extensive hydrogen fueling network by issuing a purchase order for $30 million worth of electrolyzers, according to a press release issued on Wednesday.

$30 million is a lot of bones, clams or whatever you call them — particularly for a

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Nissan Altima recall covers 1.9 million cars for hoods flying open

No one wants the hood flying up while driving…


A massive Nissan Altima recall aims to soon fix an ongoing problem involving the sedan’s hood flying open while driving. The Associated Press reported Thursday that the Japanese automaker will recall nearly 1.9 million cars the problem affects.

Documents surrounding the recall haven’t been published with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration but Nissan confirmed the new recall with Roadshow. The problem is well known, as this is the fourth recall involving the problem. The previous recalls covered Altima sedans from the 2013-2015 model years, and while they’re once again

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Harbor Freight recalls 1.7 million jack stands, government says stop use immediately

Odds are good that you or someone you know has a set of these lurking in the garage. Make sure you check the number before you use them again, and tell everyone you know.

Harbor Freight

People make all kinds of jokes about the quality of tools and equipment that come from Harbor Freight. The truth is, despite their cheapness, most of the stuff from Harbor Freight is fine. The company’s tools and parts make car repairs and modifications possible for many enthusiasts on limited budgets, especially when it pertains to things like jacks and jack stands.

It’s the

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Uber has paid out $19 million in aid to drivers, but it’s not enough

Uber is giving money to some of its drivers as ridership decreases, but most are getting nothing.

James Martin/CNET
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Times are tough for ride-hailing companies, which means things are likely twice as tough for their drivers who depend on the income from driving. Uber, a company notorious for fighting tooth and nail to keep its drivers from becoming classified as employees, announced on Thursday that it spent $19 million on coronavirus relief for drivers around the world — half of which went to workers

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