Nissan Z’s future confirmed in official teaser video

Today is a good day for Nissan Z fans, and really sports car fans in general. Today, Nissan let the world know the the Z has a future within the automaker’s lineup.

In a YouTube video published to the company’s official channel, (not-so-coincidentally titled “From A to Z”) the company shows off a number of new vehicles in the pipeline. But, it doesn’t wrap up before giving us a good look at the next Nissan Z’s profile and front end.

Looking good, Z.

YouTube screencap

At the 28-second mark, the Z first comes into focus and it looks like the

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This electric aircraft could jump-start the future of flight

Powered by Magnix’s motor, this Cessna “eCaravan” would be the largest electric aircraft to fly so far.


Magnix isn’t trying to change aviation overnight, it just believes that any transformation has to begin somewhere. And Thursday morning, the Seattle-based manufacturer of electric motors hopes to nudge the future of air travel forward when it sends another airplane on a zero-emissions flight.

Unlike the experimental aircraft that have dominated electric flight so far, the Cessna Caravan 208 that will carry Magnix’s motor over Moses Lake, Washington is a nine-passenger widely-used commuter airliner that’s been in production since 1982. By retrofitting

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Kia Stinger’s future could be electric after an upcoming refresh

It’s hard to believe the Stinger has been out for a couple of years now.

Steven Pham/Roadshow

The Kia Stinger is a lovely hatchback with some darn decent performance chops. Its grand-touring nature makes it great for long slogs to nowhere in particular, and you’ll have a hoot in the process. But while it’s certain that the Stinger makes for a good time, its future is a little less certain as Kia’s priorities evolve and as buyers’ tastes do the same. Thankfully, it appears Kia isn’t ready to label the Stinger as a one-off kind of proposition.

Like nearly every

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The way of the future: Howard Hughes Co. is pitching Elon Musk on a Vegas Tesla HQ

“Show me all the blueprints. Show me all the blueprints.”

Getty Images

Elon Musk, being an outspoken gazillionaire with an interest in engineering, inevitably draws more than a few comparisons to Howard Hughes, aka the guy responsible for the Spruce Goose and the subject of my favorite Martin Scorcese film

That’s why it’s funny and a little ironic that he’s recently been approached by the Howard Hughes Corporation about moving Tesla HQ to Las Vegas, according to a report published Thursday by ABC News 3 Las Vegas.

So, you might be a little lost at this point. First,

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