Fisker Ocean electric SUV has 7,000 reservations, startup teases future models

The future of Fisker of all goes according to plan.


Fisker, which pins its hopes of rising from the ashes in the Ocean electric SUV, dished out a hard figure to judge just how much interest there is in its upcoming EV. It’s nothing spectacular, but there’s certainly interest.

The company said Friday it has 7,062 reservations for the Ocean. Compared to recent news surrounding preorders (I’m thinking Tesla Cybertruck and Ford Bronco) it’s a drop in the bucket. However, it goes to show there is an audience for Fisker’s SUV with oodles of sustainable materials

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Nissan Z’s future likely won’t include a hybrid

I think I already love it.

YouTube video/Screenshot by CNET

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Nissan gave us some really good news. In May, the automaker provided our first look at the next-generation Nissan Z, perhaps called the 400Z.

Since then, it’s been tight lips over at the automaker, which has been busy with the reveal of the Ariya electric SUV, which looks mighty nice. However, Ivan Espinosa, vice president of global product strategy, had some interesting things to say for a Car Advice report last Thursday.

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Angelyne, LA’s Corvette-driving billboard queen, talks about her past, present and future cars

Angelyne currently owns two C7 Corvettes.

Kenny Griffiths

Even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably heard of Angelyne. She’s a hot-pink tribute to glamour and excess, and the self-proclaimed billboard queen is arguably the original social media influencer. She’s been a fixture of LA culture since her billboards first appeared in the early 1980s, and every single day, you can find her driving around the city she loves — in her pink Corvette.

A week after I moved to California, I saw Angelyne driving her C7 Corvette down Sunset Boulevard. (I also saw a Brabus G-Class

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Elon Musk details Tesla Autopilot price changes, future subscription via Twitter

Savings to be had before a price bumps happens.


Tesla’s Autopilot feature is in for some shuffling over the next week and a half or so.

CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on Sunday to detail a few pricing changes for the software — and also confirmed Autopilot will one day be offered as a subscription as well.

To start, those that don’t have Autopilot enabled in their vehicle can add it for $2,000 until July 1.

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