What we drive: Roadshow’s weird and wonderful personal cars


We here at Roadshow are all pretty lucky. We get to drive all the new cars, often in spectacular locations. From the over-the-top Ferrari F8 Tributo to the latest Porsche Taycan EV to the humble Kia Seltos crossover, we drive them all. But what cars do we spend our hard-earned money on?

Honestly, the Roadshow garage is… a little weird. Sure, there are the requisite little sports cars, but we’ve also got a few classics, a project car and one of us doesn’t even own a vehicle(!). So read on, fellow car nerds, and see what we’re driving. 

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Watch Elon Musk and Jay Leno drive the Cybertruck through a Boring Company tunnel

Jay Leno may be best known as the former host of the Tonight Show, but you probably also know that he’s got a serious thing for cars. Now his day job consists of the show Jay Leno’s Garage, and on the latest episode, he met with the one and only Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO, and founder of the Boring Company.

Oh, and he drove a very popular vehicle with Musk riding shotgun: the Tesla Cybertruck. A high honor indeed, as the world clamors for every bit of detail on the electric pickup truck.

Musk and Tesla’s

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2020 Cadillac CT4-V first drive review: More of the same

How could the 2020 Cadillac CT4-V ever fill the beloved ATS-V’s shoes? Instead of a 464-horsepower V6, it only comes with a four-cylinder engine. In lieu of an available six-speed stick, Caddy’s latest and greatest is automatic-only. In many ways — at least, on paper — this car is a big step back from its forbear.

The ATS family was a delight to drive — nimble, crisp and responsive. But building on that excellent foundation, the CT4 rides on an updated version of the ATS’s underlying architecture. Accordingly, it’s also light on its feet and plenty engaging. Aside from the

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2021 Toyota Venza reborn with standard hybrid power and all-wheel drive

Surprise! The Toyota Venza is back.


After a five-year absence, Toyota’s five-passenger midsize crossover is back. Meet the 2021 Toyota Venza, which is expected to arrive in dealerships later this summer. (See how it stacks up against other midsize crossovers in our spec comparison.)

The original Toyota Venza was short lived. After a fairly successful debut in 2008, sales began to slide, even as the smaller RAV4 and three-row Highlander flourished during the same period. Maybe there wasn’t room in Toyota’s lineup for three SUVs; maybe Toyota’s awkward marketing of the Venza as neither a wagon nor an

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