Honda orders office workers to build cars as COVID-19 stifles production

It sounds like quite a shift in work responsibilities.

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

Some of Honda’s white collar workforce in Ohio are trading the desk for the assembly line, and that’s an order.

According to WOSU public radio on Wednesday, the Japanese automaker’s plant in Marysville, Ohio is subject to a production staff shortage amid the coronavirus pandemic. As more employees call in sick or quarantine, fewer workers remain to build the numerous vehicles that call Marysville home. The Honda Accord and Honda CR-V are two high

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America, your cars are old and COVID-19 will likely accelerate their age

Older cars mean fewer new car sales and higher emissions.

Bloomberg/Getty Images
For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, the research already concluded that Americans are holding onto their cars for a longer period of time: nearly 12 years, the highest figure in almost 20 years.

IHS Markit released its latest study analyzing the age of vehicles on US roads on Tuesday, and while you may think it has everything to do with boosting new car sales, an old vehicle fleet on the road also

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2021 Genesis G80, GV80 delayed due to COVID-19

The new G80 is seriously attractive.


The arrival of the highly anticipated Genesis G80 sedan and GV80 SUV will be delayed, the automaker announced Thursday. The vehicles were originally expected to go on sale this summer, but the company is now expecting the cars to arrive later in the fall.

Genesis cites “COVID-19-related delays in the US” as the reason for this postponement, according to a statement. In May, Genesis CEO Mark Del Rosso told Roadshow the summer launch was “100%” on track, so we’re guessing the problem has to do with the recent spike in coronavirus cases

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Ford rolls out 1-year return policy for car buyers amid COVID-19 uncertainty

Just a little extra piece of mind for new Ford owners.

Nate Reed/Roadshow

Buying a new car likely isn’t a priority as economic uncertainty begins to bake in amid the coronavirus era, but Ford’s latest program hopes to lay some of those fears to rest.

Titled the Ford Promise, the US automaker said on Monday it will allow new car buyers and lessees who finance through Ford Credit to return a vehicle with no strings attached in the event they lose their job. No, buyers won’t be guaranteed a full refund, but they will have a burden of debt taken

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