Here’s the cheapest electric vehicle in the US — and it comes from China

It’s… not pretty.


Affordability is tough when it comes to electric cars. Even mass-market EVs are often just a little out of reach for the average car buyer, especially considering how much further a dollar stretches when it comes to a traditional car with an engine.

So, can Kandi and its K27 tempt you with an unusually low price? This is a Chinese electric car that will be the most affordable EV for sale in the US later this year. Kandi revealed the K27 alongside the more expensive K23 model on Wednesday and plans to showcase both cars during

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Tesla sales tripled in China last month in massive rebound

The Model 3 is one popular EV in China.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Given slumps earlier this year and issues surrounding supply chains and lockdowns, Tesla China likely popped champagne after viewing sales figures for May.

Bloomberg reported on data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers that showed Tesla sales tripled last month. In  April, Tesla sold just 3,635, but in May, the company moved 11,095 electric cars in a massive bump. The boost comes as China’s auto sales increased for the first time in nearly a year.

While the automaker enjoyed the sales bump locally, it also navigated changing

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Tesla’s potentially cheaper battery technology for China surfaces

Tesla seems close to showing off some sort of new battery technology.


Tesla appears closer to bringing potentially cheaper electric car batteries to market in China with new filings with the state government.

Electrek reported on the filing Monday, which details a Tesla Model 3 with a lithium-iron phosphate battery, which will likely come from its battery partner in China, CATL. What isn’t clear is if this lithium-iron phosphate unit is Tesla’s so-called “million-mile battery.” Rumors have ramped up about this battery, which won’t use cobalt to keep costs down and provide a million miles worth of

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Tesla’s China plant goes offline due to component shortage, report says

Not a single Tesla is in production right now.


Tesla currently isn’t building a single car worldwide after the EV maker reportedly took its plant in Shanghai, China, offline.

Bloomberg reports that Tesla told workers to return to work on May 9 after a planned five-day Labor Day break in the country, extending a work stoppage by two days minimum. Bloomberg cited Chinese website 36kr as reporting that Tesla is experiencing component shortages affecting the Model 3, as well as problems with a piece of production equipment. Tesla only builds the Model 3 in China, but CEO

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