Hertz selling off Chevy Corvette, Camaro fleet amid bankruptcy rumors

Time to find these cars new homes.


As Hertz navigates an uncertain financial situation — and possibly bankruptcy — amid the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like the company will turn to quick cash infusions as it unloads its fleet of Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros.

Jalopnik first reported on listings for Hertz’s Corvettes Monday, and Muscle Cars & Trucks spotted a flock of Hertz Camaro models listed for sale via Autotrader. Both cars sport the classic Hertz black-and-yellow color scheme. Right now, there are over 20 C7-generation Corvette Z06 models for sale with the Hertz treatment, which opts for

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2021 Toyota Venza hybrid vs. Chevy Blazer, Honda Passport and more: The new midsize

The Venza is the only vehicle in the class that offers hybrid power.


A tweener class of five-passenger crossovers has slowly been growing over the years, slotting between compact offerings like the Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4 and their ‘traditional’ midsize counterparts, the Pilot and Highlander. We’re talking about SUVs like the Chevrolet Blazer, Ford Edge, Honda Passport, Nissan Murano or, to the point of this story, the 2021 Toyota Venza.

On the heels of the 2021 Venza’s debut on Monday, it’s time we have a look at how these new-midsize CUVs stack up. Toyota hasn’t released the

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2021 Chevy Tahoe gets the police vehicle treatment

SUVs are far more common than sedans these days, when it comes to police duty.


The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe is reporting for duty. On Tuesday, the Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle debuted online as the latest option from the Bowtie brand for law enforcement. 

While the general consensus is positive for the 2021 Tahoe‘s design, the SUV looks pretty menacing suited up for police vehicle duty. A long stripe starts from the headlight back and compliments the reworked headlight design and the bull bar protrudes outward with integrated lights to compliment the emergency lights atop the SUV. The brand

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Chevy Camaro in for Wild Cherry package, complete with new paint color

The Wild Cherry color should look something like this.


Chevrolet didn’t forget about its pony car. The Chevy Camaro is in for a new package and a new paint color, according to GM fleet ordering guides.

Muscle Cars and Trucks first reported the news on Thursday and detailed what’s called the “Wild Cherry Design Package.” Photos of the package aren’t available yet, but the outlet likens the package, complete with a new Wild Cherry exterior color, to the Camaro’s previous Garnet Red color. It’s a lovely, deep shade of red.

Buyers will be able to snap up a Camaro

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