GM and EVgo will bring over 2,700 new fast chargers to national network

Coming to a neighborhood near you.


Automakers plan to roll out numerous new electric cars over the course of this decade, but they won’t do much good if drivers don’t have consistent access to a plug. General Motors and EVgo will diminish that exact fear.

On Friday, the automaker and charging station operator said both will buddy up to build over 2,700 new fast charging plugs across the US. The construction will take place over the next five years, but the plan will see access expand to new areas to help boost EV adoption.

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Germany to mandate EV chargers at all gas stations

Gas stations in Germany will look a lot different.


Germany will take a bold step forward and require every gas station in the country to also install electric car charging stations as well.

Reuters reported Thursday the requirement is included in a $146 billion economic recovery plan that’s come about in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to move quicker to transition drivers from polluting vehicles and to zero-emission cars. In fact, the stimulus package will include new taxes for those that purchase SUVs with an internal-combustion engine.

On the other hand, the package also calls

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Best portable car battery chargers for jump starting in 2020

Developed as a safer, more convenient alternative to using traditional automotive jumper cables on a dead battery, portable car batteries remain exactly that. Yet thinking of them primarily as portable jump starters and battery chargers seriously limits their potential.

Car battery jump starters and chargers are also dense little storage bins for electrical energy, and many come with useful built-in accessories. They’ll recharge with standard extension cords, wall-plug adapters, USB ports in running vehicles or cigarette lighter-style 12-volt male adapters. Most offer some combination of the four recharge options.

These portable batteries do what they were originally intended to do:

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