Small cars still have higher driver death rates, IIHS study shows

Small cars have come an extremely long way in terms of occupant safety in a crash, but overcoming the momentum of a large vehicle is not easy.

Honda via IIHS

It doesn’t take more than a brain cell or two to jell with the idea that small cars crashing into large cars won’t turn out well for the small cars, despite decades of active and passive safety advancements. Now, a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study puts some more concrete figures behind the safety of small cars in the modern era.

The IIHS this week released a study looking

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What we drive: Roadshow’s weird and wonderful personal cars


We here at Roadshow are all pretty lucky. We get to drive all the new cars, often in spectacular locations. From the over-the-top Ferrari F8 Tributo to the latest Porsche Taycan EV to the humble Kia Seltos crossover, we drive them all. But what cars do we spend our hard-earned money on?

Honestly, the Roadshow garage is… a little weird. Sure, there are the requisite little sports cars, but we’ve also got a few classics, a project car and one of us doesn’t even own a vehicle(!). So read on, fellow car nerds, and see what we’re driving. 

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Mitsubishi recalls 141,000 cars for risk of detaching control arms

The Outlander Sport is one of a few vehicles involved.


Rust is a pesky thing, but it’s often unavoidable in certain parts of the US. Unfortunately for some Mitsubishi owners, rust could get to the vehicles’ control arms.

According to documents filed with NHTSA May 18, Mitsubishi will recall certain 2008-2010 Lancer, 2010 Lancer Sportback, 2008-2013 Outlander and 2011-2016 Outlander Sport vehicles. Combined, the recall affects 141,200 cars.

The problem is due to the elements. You know, the whole chemical reaction when steel encounters salt, which causes things to corrode. In this case, the various Mitsubishi vehicles could see

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Plans to import first Chinese cars to US scrapped amid pandemic

Now you’re just a brand that I used to know…

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It looked like after decades of promises, we’d finally see Chinese cars on US roads. The coronavirus pandemic has, however, shifted plans.

Said plans hinged on HAAH Automotive Holdings’ agreement to import vehicles from China’s Zotye and sell them at franchised US dealers. HAAH CEO Duke Hale told Automotive News on Wednesday that plans for importing a Zotye crossover are officially on the back burner.

The CEO cited a massive sales hit to

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