Former BMW designer reacts to controversial new 4 Series

Famed automotive designer Frank Stephenson launched a pretty great YouTube channel recently. Not only does he go over some of the cars he designed — like the original BMW X5, Fiat’s reborn 500 or the Maserati MC12 — he dissects the styling of a whole bunch of other cars, too. The latest video, which published earlier this week, takes a look at the new BMW 4 Series coupe, a car that’s causing quite a bit of controversy, namely for its giant grille.

It’s important to note why Stephenson’s take on the 4 Series is extra-interesting. This is a man

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BMW eDrive Zones can change your plug-in hybrid’s mode using GPS

If you can save the dough on emissions fees, you may as well ensure your vehicle is operating efficiently in those zones at all times.


Some parts of central London require drivers to pay a congestion fee and, if their vehicles are not efficient, an additional charge for emissions. Plug-in hybrids can beat the emissions tax thanks to their ability to drive on electricity alone, and now, BMW’s making it even easier for its PHEVs to be efficient when it matters most.

BMW announced on Friday that it has launched BMW eDrive Zones in both London and Birmingham, England.

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2020 BMW M235i Gran Coupe review: This small, sporty sedan lacks emotion

The M235i is one of two 2 Series Gran Coupe models on offer.

Emme Hall/Roadshow

The BMW M235i Gran Coupe is a weird little thing. It has more in common with the X2 crossover than the rest of the 2 Series range and it exists as a way for BMW to fight other compact sport sedans like the Audi S3 and Mercedes-AMG CLA35. It’s also not a coupe at all, but I digress.


  • Punchy turbo engine
  • Snappy transmission
  • Good amount of standard tech

Don’t Like

  • Leaves a lot of fun on the table
  • Gets expensive

The M235i uses

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2020 BMW M2 CS first drive review: Subtly sharper

The CS sits at the top of the BMW M2 hierarchy.


As a rule I’m not really a gold person; silver is more my sort of color. But when it comes to the rims wrapped in rubber sitting in the arches of cars, well, I find myself drawn to the more precious of the two metals. Perhaps it’s a Colin McRae/Subaru Impreza thing. And since they’re a no-cost option on the US-spec BMW M2 CS, you’d be foolish not to get them.

The rest of the M2 CS is very attractive, too, but it spawned from what was already

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