Honda to stop making Civic Coupe and Fit this year

The best looking Civic variant is a goner.


Honda’s making some big changes to its 2021 lineup, and unfortunately, two cars will reach the end of the road. The Honda Civic Coupe and the Fit will both exit production this year.

The Japanese automaker said Friday Civic Coupe and Fit production will end with the 2020 model year. Both represented slow sellers in the lineup, especially as more buyers went home with the Civic Hatchback, rather than the two-door model. Honda underscored it’s still very much focused on the Civic lineup, but the sedan will remain its baseline, while the hatchback provides the sportier choice.

Sales of the Civic Hatchback have increased to 24% of the model’s sales mix since it arrived in 2016. Meanwhile, the Coupe dropped from 16% to just 6%. A shame because the coupe is the best looking of the Civic bunch.

Don’t worry about the Si Coupe, though. Honda confirmed with Roadshow the Si Coupe will remain as the sole two-door Civic offered. However, Honda will pause production of the Civic Si sedan and coupe as it prepares for the 11th generation Civic, which will debut next spring. We’ll also be treated to a next-generation Si, but we won’t get a 2021 Civic Si in the meantime. The 2021 Civic sedan and hatchback variants will be carryover from 2020.

As for the Fit, its demise was all but confirmed. Honda already revealed a new Fit for Europe and Japan but consistently kept quiet about its prospects in the US. With the Fit dead in the US, the HR-V and Civic will serve as the automaker’s entry-level models. In fact, Honda said the Civic Hatchback outsells the Fit 2-1. It’s not all bad, though because the automaker said it plans to channel investments out of the Fit and into the HR-V and Civic to make them even better.

The brand also shared some Accord news, and it’s a mixed bag. On one hand, we’ll see a refreshed model debut very soon and it will go on sale later this year. On the other, Honda said it discontinued the Accord’s manual transmission

The HR-V and Odyssey will also undergo a refresh and show up in the near future.

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