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Lexus NX trademark might hint at plug-in hybrid model to come

More plug-in power? Maybe.


Let’s start things off with an appropriate disclaimer with regard to trademarks and patents: Automakers apply for them all the time, all around the world, and they don’t always foreshadow a future product. What they do give us, though, are potential clues to the future.

Today, we’re talking about the Lexus NX, the rather old compact luxury crossover that’ll likely see a new generation in the near future. A Mach E Club forum user posted trademarks Lexus filed in Europe surrounding the NX, but one of them is very interesting: an NX 450h Plus. For

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Lotus Evija electric supercar looks amazing in new colors

Lotus, after years of humming along, is ready to return with a wallop — an all-electric 2,000-horsepower kind of wallop. That’d be the Lotus Evija, if you’ve missed the British sports-car manufacturer’s latest in the past year.

As the company prepares for production to start late this year, lucky soon-to-be-owners started to receive the official configurator tool, Lotus said Wednesday. Not only did the announcement give us a look at three new colors for the Evija electric supercar, but the company also detailed the wild technology that powers the configurator.

The Evija is going to cost around $2

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2020 Toyota Corolla hatchback recalled over failing back-up lights

Not a massive problem, but one that needs fixed nonetheless.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

It’s easy to take so many simple elements of the modern automobile for granted, like back-up lights. They engage to let us know the driver’s ready to reverse and gives other drivers a crucial signal. Thus, if they fail, it creates a bit of a safety problem.

It’s precisely why 960 Toyota Corolla hatchbacks from the 2020 model year will need to go back to the dealership. The automaker said in documents filed April 8 with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that wire harness in the rear

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Kia Forte to go electric in China, report says

The latest tweaks to the Forte saw some Stinger-inspired style reach the compact car.


The Kia Forte is due for an overhaul soon, especially since its corporate cousin, the 2021 Hyundai Elantra, will land later this year. Could Kia have bigger plans in store outside of the traditional internal-combustion engine? China may hold some clues.

According to a report from Chinese website Autohome, Kia plans to reveal an electric version of the K3 locally this summer, which we know as the Forte here. The tiny electric Kia sedan should sport a driving range just over 300 miles,

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