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2020 Lexus NX 300 review: Aging SUV prioritizes comfort above all

Ah yes, the spindle grille. 

Kyle Hyatt/Roadshow

It’s always interesting to review a car in the last year before its major refresh. By this point, the engineers and designers and bean-counters have likely reached a consensus that the car has come as far as it can. It’s as good as it’ll ever be. That’s the case with the Lexus NX, which entered production in 2014.


  • Comfy ride
  • Impressive list of standard safety tech
  • Buttery-soft leather

Don’t Like

  • Lousy infotainment tech
  • Underpowered compared to competitors
  • Interior design is a bit weird

Now that everyone’s a home baker, I’ll present this

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Here’s how the Audi E-Tron recharges so quickly

Two flavors of the Audi E-Tron are offered.


Driving range is a major concern for owners of electric cars and motorists who are considering one. But according to the folks at Audi, it shouldn’t always be just about the distance a battery-electric vehicle can travel between recharges. How quickly one can be juiced up is important, too.

Compared to other electric vehicles, the four-ring brand’s E-Tron crossover does not offer the most driving range. In America, both the standard version and its more rakish Sportback sibling feature a lithium-ion battery back with a gross capacity of 95 kilowatt hours.

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Nikola issues a purchase order for $30 million in hydrogen generation equipment

Nikola wants to get America on-board the hydrogen train and it’s starting with five heavy-duty filling stations.


The main problem with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is the spotty availability of not only the stations but also of the hydrogen itself. Electric semi company Nikola wants to fix that and has taken a big step in creating a new, more extensive hydrogen fueling network by issuing a purchase order for $30 million worth of electrolyzers, according to a press release issued on Wednesday.

$30 million is a lot of bones, clams or whatever you call them — particularly for a

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General Motors is getting ready to build an electric delivery van, report says

Kinda like this, but bigger and more… useful.


While electric vehicles seem to take up a big chunk of the automotive news cycle on any given day, they still make up just a small percentage of overall vehicle sales, particularly to retail customers.

That’s likely down to the fact that most EVs are still pretty expensive when compared to the cheaper internal combustion vehicles on sale, and the tech still has a long way to go before it reaches parity in terms of convenience.

That said, while regular people might be slow to adopt, commercial customers are always looking

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