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And We Go Green is the documentary Formula E deserves

Formula E may have had a rough start, with some less than stellar racing during its first couple of seasons, but now it’s become one of the most exciting open-wheel racing series around, and it’s the only one that’s totally electric. That was enough to get folks like Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio interested in making a documentary about it.

And We Go Green is that documentary, and it’s set to launch on Hulu on Thursday, June 4. Just seeing the trailer is enough to get all us racing nerds around the Roadshow water cooler frothing at the mouth, and

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2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid SUV slides in under $40,000

A 300-horsepower RAV4 that also happens to be quite efficient? Yeah, that’ll work.


There’s no such thing as a free ride. While automakers have done well to integrate the cost of fancy new features that are slowly growing standard (like active and passive safety systems), new technology often carries a higher price that will, in one way or another, eventually affect the consumer. That’s why it’s good to see that the new Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid barely pushes its way above the average new-car transaction price.

Toyota on Friday announced the starting price for the 2021 RAV4 Prime,

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Ford Bronco’s 7-speed manual might be even weirder than you think

Throw in some proper wheel articulation, and you’ve got quite the rock-crawlin’ stew a-cookin’.


The idea of a seven-speed manual transmission might have been odd a decade ago, but it’s been subsequently normalized through its installation in big-name vehicles like the Porsche 911, the Chevrolet Corvette and… OK, maybe just those two. You may have heard a rumor that a seven-speed will turn up in the new Ford Bronco, too, but if a new report is true, it won’t be anything like the 7MTs in those other cars.

According to a report from TFLCar, the forthcoming Ford Bronco

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Small cars still have higher driver death rates, IIHS study shows

Small cars have come an extremely long way in terms of occupant safety in a crash, but overcoming the momentum of a large vehicle is not easy.

Honda via IIHS

It doesn’t take more than a brain cell or two to jell with the idea that small cars crashing into large cars won’t turn out well for the small cars, despite decades of active and passive safety advancements. Now, a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study puts some more concrete figures behind the safety of small cars in the modern era.

The IIHS this week released a study looking

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