Aston Martin DBX vs. Lamborghini Urus: Super SUV comparo – Video

Recently Aston Martin introduced the DBS, a hot family holler going up against the likes of the Lamborghini urus.
I kind of love the urus when I drove it last year and though I haven’t driven the DBX, I wondered how the specs of these two crazy crossovers compared so let’s get to it.
When it comes to size, the DBX is just a bit smaller overall.
It has a wheelbase of 120.5 inches compared to the hundred and 18.2 inches of the urus and the DB x is 198.4 inches long.
The year is a little bit longer at 201.3 inches.
The DB x is 78.7 inches wide without mirrors.
The year is a little bit more chunky at 79.4 inches However the DBX is a little bit taller overall at 66.1 inches from the ground compared to 64.5 inches of height for the juris.
Inside the two are pretty evenly matched for cargo with both vehicles supporting 22 cubic feet of space behind the second row.
Fold that row down and the DB space extends to 54 cubes.
The year is just a little bit larger at 56 cubes.
As for that other SUV marker towing the DBX can tow 5940 pounds.
The Lambo 7000 pounds.
It’s really the towing that puts the Urus in the top spot here.
I mean, I could use my street Urus to tow my race Urus to the track and still have weight left over for extra tires and gas.
But really, it’s an SUV.
It’s gotta go off road.
I mean sure most people aren’t gonna do it for, I don’t know reasons but both companies make Make a point of advertising their SUVs out in the dirt.
So let’s see what that geometry really looks like.
Now approach and departure angles aren’t really everything when it comes to off roading but they are a good indication about how far off the beaten path the vehicle can get.
Now both vehicles have air suspension so we are assuming the full off road height here.
For the years we’ve also assumed the off road package.
The DBX has a ground clearance of 9.3 inches The urus is a little bit more at 9.8 inches.
The DBX has an approach angle of 25.7 degrees versus the 27.9 degrees of the urus.
The DBXs departure angle is 27.1 degrees.
The urus is at 28.3 degrees.
Finally the breakover angle of the DBX is 15.1 degrees.
The Urus is at 22.2 degrees.
Of course, both these cars are only available with giant wheels.
I mean the smallest you can get on the DB x is 22 inches, and on the Urus it’s 21 inches, and that makes it really hard to find proper off-road tires.
The most you’ll get on either of these is an all season tire which can only go so far when that pavement turns to dirt.
Still, when you look at those angles, Lambo all the way.
Now for the fun part.
I’m talking about power.
Both vehicles have a four liter twin turbo V eight engine.
The DBX produces 542 horsepower.
The Lambo, however, has a secret sauce that ups that output to 650 ponies.
In terms of torque, the acid pushes out 516 pound feet of twist, the Lambo is at 627 pound feet.
Power gets to all four wheels in the DBS through 8,9 speed automatic transmission or through an 8 speed in the Lamborghini, which is the quickest and fastest but the DBS can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds But it takes just 3.6 seconds in the juris.
The top speed of the DBX is 181 miles per hour, while the years can climb all the way to a top speed of 190 miles per hour.
So, the Lambo is quick and it’s fast and it wins this round.
[SOUND] Finally, if you’re really in the market for either of these vehicles.>> I mean, I highly doubt you’re gonna care about price but let’s just see where we’re at.
The Aston Martin DBS starts at $189,900 plus $3,086 for destination, while the Lamborghini eurus is at $211,153 with the offered package, plus $3,995 for destination.
So even with Aston Martin DBS coming in much less expensive overall, the Lamborghini Urus is the winner here.
Now to be clear, I haven’t driven the DBS at all and I’ve only had the Urus on the street but remember, we’re just looking at specs here.
The Urus has got better utility, better offered capability and more power.
Now some may say the Urus looks like it was beaten with an ugly stick.
And I’m not sure I disagree, but the numbers don’t lie.
The DBX makes a valiant effort here, but it’s just not enough to topple the bowl.

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