2021 Volkswagen ID 4 arrives this year with 250-mile range – Video

VW’s ID.4 the electric SUV is the second model and VW’s ID series of dedicated EDS, but it’ll be the automakers first long range fully electric vehicle to go on sale in the US, and the first example start arriving later this year.
For scale, the ID.4 is a bit smaller than VW Tiguan SUV, around 4.6 inches shorter at 180.5 overall.
However visually it shares more of its DNA with VW new golf than it does with the rest of the automakers current lineup of SUVs.
A front you’ll find LED headlamps tied together with an illuminated light bar stretching the width of its grill is front end, you’ll find a similar shape for the tail lamps Outback 84 is built around an 82 kilowatt hour battery pack that lives under the ftbs floor.
At lunch that pack will power a single 201 horsepower electric motor on the rear axle that twist to the tune of 228 pound feet of torque.
In 2021.
A 302 horsepower all wheel drive variant will join the lineup with a second electric motor between its front wheels.
In the rear wheel drive configuration VW estimates Yeti four will cruise for around 250 miles per charge.
Plugging into a 125 kilowatt DC fast charger and choosing from near flat to 80% flies by and just 38 minutes and every it for includes three years of free fast charging at any of electrify America has over 2500 dc fast charging station.
Every ID four will also come standard with the IQ drive fleet and pretty much all of the fleet suite driver rate tech that we like to see in premium vehicles.
on the dashboard you’ll find either a standard 10 inch infotainment display or an optional 12, 12 inch screen.
Having sat behind the wheel of the ID for in a studio I personally think that 12 inch is either too big, too high on the dash or both.
But I also haven’t driven it on the road yet.
So I’ll reserve most of my judgment for later peered through the spokes of the steering wheel and you’ll find a standard 5.3 inch ID cockpit digital instrument cluster and an electronic rocker switch shifter not unlike what you would find on Wi Fi three electric compact, My favorite interior feature is the idea light, a thin LED strip along the base of the windshield that can illuminate to give the driver visual feedback.
For example, when you’re charging the battery meter or during navigation, it could sequentially illuminate to indicate that it’s time to make that upcoming right hand turn.
I’m extremely curious to see how VW use this light bar and whether it reduces or increases distraction.
2021 Volkswagen ID for probe that rear wheel drive entry point will start at 39 995 before yet unknown destination charge and a potential 7500 federal Evie tax credit.
With the credit VW estimates that the entry point for the ID 4 is on par with the 2021 TIG, one FTL.
During the initial launch, VW is also producing a limited run of it for first edition models, which you’re seeing here now.
They’re essentially fully loaded examples with some unique touches like special pedal wet accents in first edition badging all for around 43 995 and in 2021, the two motor ID for all wheel drive pro joins the lineup starting at 43 695 The 84 will be sold in all 50 states with reservations opening today at VW online portal or fundable.
$100 deposit saves replacing live deliveries for the first edition and 94 Pro model ships start later this year.

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