Month: July 2020

FCA recalls nearly 1 million cars over flying steering wheel badges

Both minivans are affected, as is the Nitro SUV.


Most recalls are pretty cut and dry. However, sometimes one comes across the Roadshow desk and it’s considerably more, well, out there. The latest Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recall absolutely falls in said category.

In documents the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published last week, FCA said it will recall 925,239 vehicles because the steering wheel badges can become “projectiles.” As in, if the airbag deploys, the Dodge of Chrysler badge can fly off and potentially injure a passenger. As of June 30, FCA said it’s aware of 14 injuries that

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Airstream’s new Basecamp 20 and 20x trailers are bigger and more comfy, but still rugged

The Airstream Basecamp 20 and 20x are designed to be rugged and easy to tow.


OK, so you’ve been stuck inside with your spouse and kids for months, and now you’re looking at listings for off-road vehicles online and already scheming up all kinds of ways to get outdoors next year. Camping sounds fantastic, but you’re also maybe a little old, and your back a bit too bad for tents. Not a big deal, because off-road trailers like Airstream’s Basecamp are pretty awesome — only a 16-foot trailer isn’t going to work for you and your growing family.


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2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series busts in with 720 hp and GT3-derived aero

That’s hot.


Subtlety isn’t exactly what the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is about. It’s more like a GT3-spec race car for the street, and who doesn’t like that?

On Tuesday, the German brand revealed its latest creation, which is chock-full of power and primped with a load of aerodynamic tricks to make it a slick machine in the wind. Rumor has it the car could produce a Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time under 7 minutes.

Aero means nothing without proper motivation, and the folks inside AMG didn’t disappoint. While there’s still a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 under the hood, it’s

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Elon Musk closes in a $2.4B payday, thanks to growing Tesla value

Musk is reportedly worth $70.5 billion already.

Saul Martinez/Getty Images

This May, Tesla CEO Elon Musk became around $700 million richer as the Tesla met all targets for the first part of a wildly ambitious pay package. Now, fewer than two months later, Musk is close to another payout that could be $2.4 billion.

Bloomberg reported Tuesday that the second part of Musk’s pay deal is nearly all set. Tesla already met the requirements for the first and upcoming payday last year, and earlier this year the automaker’s six-month valuation average cracked $100 million. That issued 1.69 million shares of

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