2020 Jeep Wrangler EcoDiesel: Too much torque? – Video

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In this video I’m reviewing a Jeep Wrangler.
It happens to be an unlimited Rubicon model So it has four doors a reasonably practical interior and of course incredible offload capability.
But in addition to all that, this model also features a diesel engine, which helps make it an absolute beast out on the trail so appropriately this week I have been using it to do all kinds of crazy Jeep things Like battling in rush our traffic
[SOUND] Patrolling my local street mall.
Stocking up on invaluable supplies and even eating lunch.
You know most people don’t realize Chowder is the perfect road trip food
Yep, Ive used this Wrangler unlimited exactly like 98% of owners do I pushed it to the ragged limits and sometimes beyond.
Now don’t get your boxers shorts all in the behind, I was just kidding about that.
Stop this machine is an absolute beast and I will be taking it off roads, so make sure you stick around for that.
But while it’s still reasonably clean lets cover a few basics.
As you may have noticed, this is a Rubicon model which is essentially the most capable version of the wrangler that jeep offers from the factory.
It’s got a rock track four by four system with a two speed transfer case, and four to one low range gearing.
Beyond that, there are super aggressive BF Goodrich tires mounted to 17 inch wheels.
Heavy Duty Dana live axles are found at each end of this Wrangler and they’re both fitted with electronically locking differentials.
Beyond that Rubicon models are fitted with a disconnecting front sway bar for extra suspension articulation Protecting this vehicle’s body and delicate mechanical components, it’s got [UNKNOWN] a whole bunch of skin plates, and even optional steel bumpers.
Three different engines are offered in the [UNKNOWN] you can get the base, 3.6 [UNKNOWN] it’s good for 285 horsepower.
There’s also a [UNKNOWN] to turbo charge four cylinder Gives you 270 ponies.
And then of course there is this the engine new Jeep fanatics have been clamoring for.
It’s a three liter eco diesel v six and I could yammer for hours about this things, finer points, but I’ll spare you Comprehensively reworked for Wrangler duty.
It’s rated at 260 horsepower, and a thundering 442 pound feet of torque.
It’s bolted exclusively to an eight speed automatic transmission.
This drive train combo should get to 22 miles per gallon in the city, and 29 on highway drives.
Combined expect around 25 mpg.
Pretty impressive for something that’s box here than a shipping container.
All right.
Do you guys know what time it is?
That’s right.
It’s time to talk tech.
Now don’t let the Wrangler fool you.
Yes, it’s chassis may have more in common with a covered wagon than more modern vehicles but it’s still loaded with fresh features.
This model is fitted with LED exterior lighting which is nice and bright.
It’s also got forward collision warning to keep you safe.
Parking sensors make docking this land craft a much easier task.
Plus it has blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert and adaptive cruise control, which is both attentive and smooth.
The JL generation Wrangler has a great interior This is not news.
In this one, we’ve got contrast stitching, some very nice soft plastics and pretty good leather as well but in the middle of all of this Is the screen 8.4 inches corner to corner This is FCS excellent Uconnect infotainment system.
It also comes with embedded navigation in this model plus it’s got satellite radio and even a built in Wi Fi hotspots.
Of course Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both supported.
Plus this Wrangler has enough Amazon Alexa skills to pay the proverbial bills.
Using Amazon’s voice assistant you can start the vehicle lock, unlock it or even send navigation directions right to the UConnect system.
This test here also has the optional body colored three piece removable hard top.
It’s super easy to take off you just undo a few latches and away you go.
Of course the Wrangler offers a variety of other roots as well.
Of course if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can tip the Wranglers windshield forward and even remove the doors.
Jeep, of course gives you a nifty little toolkit so you can do just that.
And very cleverly, they’ve engineered a place in the rear cargo hold where you can put all of those fasteners so you don’t lose them.
On road this Jeep has a jiggly ride, rubbery steering, cumbersome handling and loads of wind noise.
Now, none of that should be surprising if you have ever been in a Wrangler before In fact, it’s Probably part of this vehicles charm and really it’s not that unrefined when you consider just how capable this thing is.
Front and rear these seats are now there okay but the lower cushions are just too short to be really long haul comfortable my thighs They need more support than these things provide.
Also the back seat is a bit challenging.
It’s hard to get into and out of because the door opening is it’s kind of small.
As for the office All important engine.
Yep, it sounds like a diesel, especially when you first start it up on cold mornings there’s definitely a bit of clutter, but once you’re inside it is mostly quiet and smooth.
Now this oil burner does make the Wrangler feel quick, though it’s not quite rocketship fast.
This thing does start pulling at about 3000 RPM Storming ahead to about four grand at which point the transmission grabs the next year and the party starts all over again.
This thing’s fuel saving stop start system is speedy and smooth improving the around town fuel economy and what more could you ask for?
Well, how about an abandoned gravel pit?
Yes, this off-road park is freaking amazing.
The terrain in here, super rugged, just about everything you could want for testing an off-roader like this Wrangler, which believe me, is more than up to the challenge.
Alright, let’s talk a few numbers as for the approach angle.
The Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon right here is just about 44 degrees, the break over angle 22.6 and of course the departure angle measures a stout 37 degrees.
As for ground clearance it’s just shy of 11 inches and were all of that means is.
There aren’t too many places you can’t go in a Wrangler.
So what’s really impressed me about this Wrangler is how stiff and how sturdy it feels.
The terrain in here can be pretty gnarly, and I’ve had a wheeler to off the ground here more than once and there are no rattles or squeaks the structure feels absolutely stiff no jumpiness or cheapness to report
Of course you might be surprised just how far you can go in a Wrangler leaving it in two wheel drive, thanks to 10 plus inches of ground clearance and those super knobby tires, it’ll go a lot of places, but sometimes it does get stuck.
But if that happens, not a problem.
Just grab the lever, pull it right into four high.
That’s good for really most off road situations.
Give it a second to shift.
Once it’s in gear, roll on the throttle once again and it should, yep, there we go, should dig yourself right out.
But, of course, if you encounter some super gnarly terrain, you can always stop for a second.
Shift into neutral, pull this level all the way back and engage for low.
Now we have gear reduction in play and even more torque heading out to those wheels.
But if that’s not enough we’ve also got locking axles front and rear, as I mentioned earlier, and it can disconnect that front sway bar.
The Jeep Wranglers popularity, rugged styling and immense off road capability are all frankly astounding.
But perhaps the craziest thing about this vehicle Is actually the price.
My tester here checks out for $60,815 who.
Now that price tag includes 1495 bucks in destination charges.
And just about 15 grand in options.
Now the single biggest extra on this particular model, of course, is that diesel engine.
FCA wants four grand for that plus they charge you an additional $2,000 for that mandatory eight speed automatic gearbox.
Certainly the diesel powered Wrangler is king of the hill but don’t forget both available gasoline engines are Pretty excellent as well guess what?
They cost a whole lot less.

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